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Smile Virtual, the very first virtual consult platform created and developed by a dentist for dentists.

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How it Works 


Patient Takes a Selfie


Record Your Virtual Consult


Patient Schedules Appointment


Stop Waiting For New Patients to Come to You. Go to Them!

With Smile Virtual, patients can simply upload a photo of their smile and share their concerns with you through your custom landing page. Once you receive the lead, you are able to record a video with your recommendations and they are able to watch it from the comfort of their home. What once took you an hour of chair time, now takes you minutes.

Why Smile Virtual?


Gain Trust

A simple platform that allows dentists to break down any barriers standing in the way from patients getting the treatment they want.


Qualify Patients

With Smile Virtual, dentists are able to pre-screen patients prior to a full, in-office consultation, saving valuable chair time from being wasted.


HIPAA Compliant

The only HIPAA compliant, private and secure virtual consult platform that allows dentists to connect with new and existing patients.

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We Live In a Hyperconnected World, and Patients Expect More.

Consumer behavior changes fast, and Smile Virtual helps you keep up. Virtual consults are not the future, they are the present. There are a number of patients currently out there who want to improve their smile; they just don’t know what the possibilities are. With Smile Virtual, dentists are able to reach patients in a way that is convenient for them.



Custom Landing Page

Patients will be able to find you and request a virtual consult from your own private landing page.


Email Alerts

The platform will notify you when you receive a new lead.

Private Dashboard

A fully HIPAA compliant dashboard that sorts all of your leads.


Video Recording

The all-in-one platform makes video recording easy to navigate.


Professional Presentation

All it takes is a few clicks and you’ll have a custom presentation to show patients.



Get the word out with the Smile Virtual Marketing Launch Kit.


Connections Make a Better Practice.

Your personal, secure dashboard allows you to view all of your leads, prepare your recommendations, and record your message. Smile Virtual enables you to easily connect with potential patients by providing virtual consultations that give answers, break down barriers, create relationships, and qualify patients ahead of time.



Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is this HIPAA complaint?

Yes! Trust us when we say that this is not an area you want to take your chances on. We've heavily invested in our platform to ensure that it is HIPAA complaint. We are the only dental virtual consult platform that is fully HIPAA compliant.

2. How can I possibly diagnose treatment from a smile selfie?

You can't, right? This isn't a treatment diagnosing tool. It's what we call a treatment communicator. It's a way for you to get in front of the patient, provide answers to their questions and build their trust before they even step foot in your practice. We've proven that when you include a virtual consult in your sales process, your case acceptance increases significantly.

3. How do I get leads?

We provide you with your own Smile Virtual landing page that you can promote by linking to your website, social media accounts and any other ads you are running. If you would like our assistance, we provide additional services to help you attract leads.

4. Is this similar to a FaceTime call?

The video is not live, which means you get to record your consults whenever you have time. You are able to record a video from anywhere and the patient can watch it on their own time when it's convenient for them.

5. What do I say during the video?

It's entirely up to you. If you need help, you may want to consider joining our Elite membership where we provide you a proven virtual consult script to use.